Swedish Massage

This can either be a full body massage or we can focus on particular parts of the body. The massage is carried out directly on the skin using oil. For this massage you will be lying on the table in your underpants and covered with towels.

Depending on your needs, this type of massage can be combined with other massage techniques described below, such as deep tissue or myofascial release. For example, during a relaxation massage, deep tissue massage can be applied to an area of your back where you are experiencing frequent muscle pain.


  • Reduces muscle tension, pain, inflammation, and the formation of adhesions

  • Increases blood and lymph flow

  • Reduces stress, depression and anxiety and stimulates the immune system

  • Improves skin tone and elasticity

This is a versatile massage with easily adjustable intensity making it suitable for any age and having few contraindications.


60 minutes - £50

90 minutes - £70

Time includes consultation.

Discounts available for children, family bookings or for purchasing multiple sessions. 

Please note:

For home treatments additional time will be required to set up the massage area. There will be an added call out fee of £10 to cover the journey time and cost for clients within 10 miles of the Edinburgh City Centre. A further fee will apply for clients more than 10 miles away, depending on distance.

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