"I have had several great experiences with Quiet Corner - Vlad is a fantastic therapist who offers effective, tailored treatments. Highly recommend!"

"Vlad was wonderful. Professional and sensitive. His massage was so good I drifted in and out of sleep and left walking on a cloud."

"I have used QC three times so far and I have been really pleased with the service I have received from Vlad. We discuss any issues I’m having and/or if there’s an area he should focus on but generally it’s a good all over massage that works best for me. First class and I’m booked in again for next month."

"Vlad is amazing at what he does. Full in depth consultation with fabulous results. I left feeling relaxed and pain free. Highly recommend"

"Vlad provided the exact massage I was looking for, professional set up, relaxing atmosphere and great price. I’ll be back"

"Highly recommend Vlad’s massage. Very professional, showed care for his customers’ wellbeing, all set in a very relaxed atmosphere. Will definitely come back."

"Professionalism. Good spirit. Relaxing and pain relieving. 👌 I know Mr. Hasiu from University and always admired his devotion and professionalism. Totally recommend!"

"Great experience, Vlad is a true professional and an excellent therapist. He was also very helpful in providing some great insights about self-care methods to take care of small aches and issues."

"I know Vlad almost a year now and tried most of his therapies, mostly from the therapeutic point of view. Recently I created a bad injury at my leg, unable to bend my knee, feeling lots of pain and frustration and so I asked for his help. His unique way of tailoring the session according to my needs is amazing. He explained to me the different techniques he used combining all the treatments he knows. From the first session I felt a huge difference at my leg's strength and mobility. Today I had the second session in which I felt the improvement in action. I can't believe how fast and efficient I could feel the results. I can't thank him enough for his help. I highly recommend him 5 stars and more!"