Thai Foot Massage

This massage is carried out on the feet and lower legs up to and including the knees. You will be seated upright on the massage table. For this massage foot cream will be used.


  • Stimulates lymphatic drainage and boosts the immune system

  • Aids the removal of toxins and improves circulation in the feet and legs

  • Can reduce stiffness and improve flexibility

  • Reduces stress, mental fatigue and helps with insomnia

This massage is suitable for anyone however some points on the feet may lead to over-stimulation of certain organs. Therefore, the time for this massage is reduced for children, elderly and weak clients.

Standard treatment takes between 60 and 90 minutes (reduced time – 30 minutes).


60 minutes - £50


Time includes consultation.


Discounts available for children, family bookings or for purchasing multiple sessions. 

Please note:

For home treatments additional time will be required to set up the massage area. There will be an added call out fee of £10 to cover the journey time and cost for clients within 10 miles of the Edinburgh City Centre. A further fee will apply for clients more than 10 miles away, depending on distance.