Tui Na Massage

This treatment is part of Traditional Chinese Medicine and is a means to bring the body back into balance.  

The treatment is carried out through the clothes, without oil and can either be a full body treatment or there can be a focus on particular areas of the body. For this treatment you will be lying down on the massage table. It is preferable to wear loose, soft clothes.


  • Boosts vitality and balances energy

  • Improves blood circulation as well as stimulates lymph flow, improving the immune system

  • Relaxes muscles and improves chronic pains and joint stiffness

  • Restores general wellbeing and decreases stress

Techniques from this massage can be performed with oil as part of a Swedish or deep tissue massage.


60 minutes - £50

90 minutes - £60


Time includes consultation.

Discounts available for children, family bookings or for purchasing multiple sessions. 

Please note:

For home treatments additional time will be required to set up the massage area. There will be an added call out fee of £10 to cover the journey time and cost for clients within 10 miles of the Edinburgh City Centre. A further fee will apply for clients more than 10 miles away, depending on distance.