Craniosacral Therapy

This is a gentle complementary therapy which aims to release tensions stored in the tissues, improving general health and wellbeing.

Craniosacral therapy is carried out through the clothes, without oil, on the whole body, with an emphasis on the head and spine. You will be lying down on the massage table on your back. It is preferable to wear loose, soft clothes.  


  • Improves the flow of fluids throughout the body (blood, lymph, cerebrospinal fluid)

  • Releases tensions from cranial sutures and from joints, especially along the vertebral column

  • Restores balance to the body

  • Starts and promotes the self-healing process

Being a gentle therapy involving a very light touch, it can be performed on almost everyone including children and the elderly. Ideally it is performed while the client is lying down. A pillow may be used and if lying down is not possible it may be carried out while seated.

Normally, a treatment takes approximately 60 minutes. However, treatments can be adjusted to be longer or shorter to suit your personal needs.

I am currently still a student in craniosacral therapy. The qualification takes around 3 years to obtain (or 4 years during a pandemic). I am currently in my second year of study, with over 100 hour-long treatments completed. As I am still a student all craniosacral therapy treatments come with a 50% discount.

Click here to find out more about craniosacral therapy.


60 minutes - £25

90 minutes - £35

Time includes consultation.


Please note:

For home treatments additional time will be required to set up the massage area. There will be an added call out fee of £10 to cover the journey time and cost for clients within 10 miles of the Edinburgh City Centre. A further fee will apply for clients more than 10 miles away, depending on distance.