I am depressed, stressed or anxious

A massage can be a wonderful experience if you are feeling down for any reason. Even a gentle light touch can have a great impact on our mood instantly making us feel better. This is something many of us forget and stop believing when we are not in physical contact with others for a long time.

A massage is not a miracle cure, however receiving a massage can lighten your stress, depression, or anxiety. The effect may be temporary but taking a break from your daily routine can make a difference and can give you the pause you need to look at things in a new way.

Some treatments, such as craniosacral therapy can have a longer lasting effect against depression though it is worth mentioning that no treatment can undo in an hour the worries that you have been building up your whole life, particularly if the reason for your stress is ongoing.

If you are unsure whether a treatment is right for you, you are always welcome to come in just for a free chat. Sometimes just talking can help and any conversation is always confidential.